Tamil Keyboard

1. Bamini Tamil Keyboard Layout

Bamini font is well known font for Tamil typing, it's the type writer font for Tamil Typing, Here we are showing layout of Bamini font Keyboard style. Candidates who are seeking to learn Tamil Typing they can start typing by mapping following image of Bamini font and English key mapping.

Bamini Keyboard Layout Tamil


1. Tamil Inscript Keyboard

Tamil Inscript Keyboard

2. Tamil Phonetic Keyboard

Tamil Phonetic Keyboard


3. Tamil99 Keyboard Layout

Tamil Keyboard Tamil 99


3.1 Tamil 99 Keyboard with ^

Keyboard Tamil99 with

3.2 Tamil 99 Keyoard with ^#

Tamil Keyboard tamil99 with

4. Tamil Type Writer Keyboard Layout

Tamil typewriter keyboard layout

4.1  Tamil Type Write Keyboard Layout with ^

Tamil typewriter with shift

4.2 Tamil Type Writer Keyboard Layout with ^ #

Tamil Type writer 1