Tamil Keyboard

A keyboard is a primary input device for computers. A Tamil keyboard is used to input Tamil characters, letters, numbers and symbols on computer. When we talk about Tamil keyboard means keyboards that are capable for Tamil typing. Tamil typing keyboards can be a physical device or virtual keyboard layouts. Physical Tamil keyboards are not in trends nowadays because all the work of Tamil typing can be possible with various Tamil Keyboard layouts and software's, we can activate as per our need in computer systems.

1. Bamini Tamil Keyboard Layout

Bamini font is well known font for Tamil typing, it's the type writer font for Tamil Typing, Here we are showing layout of Bamini font Keyboard style. Candidates who are seeking to learn Tamil Typing they can start typing by mapping following image of Bamini font and English key mapping.

Bamini Keyboard Layout Tamil


1. Tamil Inscript Keyboard

Inscript keyboard is the new keyboard layout designed for Indian Language Typing this format supports up to 12 Indian language including Tamil. Inscript keyboard supports Unicode based Tamils fonts.

Tamil Inscript Keyboard

Tamil Inscript Keyboard Layout is available with your windows operating system; you have to just download Tamil language pack and activate Inscript Keyboard. The steps for Enabling Inscript Tamil Keyboard are given in following link.

How to Enable Inscript Tamil Keyboard in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

2. Tamil Phonetic Keyboard

Phonetic means "Type as you Speak", Tamil transliteration software works on Phonetic Keyboard.

Tamil Phonetic Keyboard


3. Tamil 99 Keyboard Layout

Tamil Keyboard Tamil 99


3.1 Tamil 99 Keyboard with ^

Keyboard Tamil99 with

3.2 Tamil 99 Keyboard with ^#

Tamil Keyboard tamil99 with

4. Tamil Type Writer Keyboard Layout

Tamil typewriter keyboard layout

4.1  Tamil Type Write Keyboard Layout with ^

Tamil typewriter with shift

4.2 Tamil Type Writer Keyboard Layout with ^ #

Tamil Type writer 1