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Tamil to English Translation is the process of translating Tamil language Sentence in to English Language. The unique translator above will translate the sentence in English.

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How to Translate Tamil to English ?

1. Type or Paste Tamil sentence in given box.

2. Click on "Translate in English" button and you will get English translation of your Tamil text in another box.

3. Your Tamil sentence should be Grammarly correct.

4. Your Tamil spellings must be correct.

5. You will see counting of no. of words, no. of characters etc. on screen.

6. You can make formatting on translated text when you click on "Open with editor" button or save translated text either in "Notepad" file (.txt) format or "MS-word" (.doc) file.

7. By click on copy button Tamil to English translated text will be copied and you can paste anywhere in web world like - Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.

Tamil to English translate example:

Sentence - தமிழ் எனது தாய்மொழி.

English Translation - Tamil is my mother tongue.

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Translation is the process of translating words from one language into another. In other words Tamil to English translation is the process of translating Tamil language words or text into Any other language (i.e. English). Translation is not about word-for-word substitution. The translator interpret and analyze all of the elements in the source text (Tamil) and know how each word may influence another. Tamil is written or type in "Tamil Script".

தமிழிலிருந்து ஆங்கில மொழி பெயர்ப்பு என்பது தமிழ் மொழிச் சொற்கள் அல்லது உரையை வேறு எந்த மொழியிலும் (அதாவது ஆங்கிலம்) மொழிபெயர்க்கும் செயல்முறையாகும்.

In India and subcontinent there are near about 60 Million Tamil language speakers often they need Tamil to English Translation software. The online Tamil to English Translation tool provide instant translation of your Tamil sentences. Here you can translate Tamil to English online free. Just type or paste Tamil sentence on given box and then click on Tamil to English translate button.

The translation will take 1 to 20 seconds in English translation. Although it is not 100% accurate. But you can get an idea that what the meaning of the sentence. Translation software is evolving day by day. And we hope one day the software will able to produce 100 % accurate translation. Tamil-English translation is much needed in where govt and major company’s works in English and a common person don’t understand it.

What is Machine Translation ?

In the Context of Tamil to English translation we can say that "Machine translation is a process whereby a computer software analyzes a Tamil language text and produces a English text without human intervention. Here what you are seeing is the neural machine translation process in which you type in Tamil and get English meaning (translation).

How does Tamil to English works ?

Firstly the Tamil to English translator interpret and do in-depth analysis of all the features of the Tamil text like - grammar, semantics, syntax, idioms, etc., and also the culture of its speakers. Than the translator do the same in-depth analysis for English language and gives translated text in English.

This Tamil to English uses Neural Machine Translation (NMT) performs the process by attempting to model high level abstractions into data, much closer to how it is undertaken by a human. Neural networks better capture the context of full sentences before translating them, which entails higher quality and a more human-sounding translation. 

Why need Tamil to English translation ?

Tamil is the native language of 6 Crore peoples and Official language of Tamil Nadu State of India. In Tamil Nadu most of the official work of government and private sector in English language, but major population of Tamil Nadu not much familiar with English language. So, translation facilitate them to get Tamil content in English language.

Translation facilitate access of research and study material to whole world of peoples without learning the source language. Machine translator makes translation more faster and freely available to end user. Translation provides bridge between different-different language peoples. We don't have to invest time and money in learning another language for little tasks. 

Why not getting 100% accurate translation ?

As described above this is a Machine translation, or in simple words it's a software program that translate Tamil text in English. The translation software is in developing phase right now, evolving day-by-day. Software programs works upon principles, and each language have there own principle and rules they are not related to each-other, that's why computer software program is not able to produce accurate result.

Google, Microsoft, IBM and many major IT companies working on translation systems and hopefully in near future we will be able to achieve more accuracy. 

When to use Machine translation and when to avoid it ?

Sometimes, the general essence of a text is all we need from the translation. In that case, this Tamil to English machine translation software provides a perfectly acceptable translation alternative. However, machine translation won't beat a professional human translation. So it upto you, when to use it or when you need a human translation service.

What is the difference between Tamil translation and Tamil transcription ?

A translation tells us the meaning of words in another language. While on the another hand transcription (or transliteration) is the process of changing the script of words from one language to another language.

Example : 

English Sentence - Tamil is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world.
Tamil Translation - உலகில் மிக நீண்ட காலமாக வாழும் செம்மொழிகளுள் ஒன்று தமிழ்.
Tamil Transcription - தமிழ் ஐஸ் ஒன்னு ஒப்பி தி லோங்ஸ்ட் சுர்விவிங் கிளாஸ்சிசிலே சுர்விவிங் ளங்குஞ்ஜ்ஸ் ஒப்பி தி வேர்ல்ட்  

How to download Tamil to English Translation Software ?

We know you are eager to know whether this wonderful Tamil to English translator is available for download. But currently this software works online only due to the dependency on third party API. This Tamil-English translation works using Google translate API so works in online mode only.